SureScan® Pacing Systems

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MRI with no compromise

Some pacemaker and ICD patients will be indicated for an MRI. However, traditional pacemaker and ICD patients are being denied access to an MRI. Since 2008, Medtronic has been providing a complete portfolio of pacemakers, ICDs and leads approved for use in the MRI environment. With more than 200,000 SureScan devices sold worldwide, over 2,600 patients studied and over four years of clinical experience, SureScan devices provide MRI access for any region of the body.

SureScan pacing systems are MR conditional designed to allow patients to undergo MRI under the specified conditions for use.

A complete system, consisting of a Medtronic SureScan IPG implanted with two SureScan leads is required for use in the MRI environment. Any other pacing system combination may result in a hazard to the patient during an MRI scan. When programmed to On, the MRI SureScan feature allows the patient to be scanned while the device continues to provide appropriate pacing.

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